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Sifnos small island

Is a small island, but beautiful, without doubt, one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands. Here, you will not see aluminum windows and unsightly houses. All follow the traditional blue and white pattern, with beautiful gardens and fuchsia bougainvillea. Personally, I have visited three times and easily take back at least as many. The nightlife gives the change in Apollonia, the capital of the island, relaxing in bars type "come as you are" no dress code, which pleasantly surprised at the dancing prowess of their patrons. The idea is to let yourself and have fun, and this certainly helps small beach bar that pop up on the beaches when you least expect it.


If you decide to travel on the island, go necessarily to the Castle, a landmark settlement in one of the highest parts of the island, where the view from high above the Aegean gives you the peaceful feeling of a strange stillness, like the one you feel in Santorini (if you go, you know what I'm saying). Also go to Chrissopigi, a white monastery built on a small peninsula at the edge of the sea (lovely scenery, you'll definitely see photos) and preferred to swim in deep (sandy beach), Platis Gialos (the most popular beach on the island) and Faro (in the homonymous village). And if you're crazy about walking (like me), Sifnos you will like it for another reason: it has a network of paved and dirt trails 200 km, most with incredible views. As for food? Wherever you go, you will eat well. It is no coincidence that the famous chef, Nick Tselementes was Sifnaios. Do not forget to eat, however Liotrivi Artemonas on Sifnos traditional cuisine will remember for a long time.