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What to di in the island of Tinos, travel tips

Tinos Island and tradition

Tinos has many secrets and has many urban legends that the old can sit with a raki you can tell them. In Volax for example you will learn how to make baskets, but you say and the story of the meteorite that fell at the foot of the mountain and created this show with the rocks have stalagmite in the form of ground path to the village. We listen to Ofiousa for Neptune, close to the Xomvourgo Kionia up ... In every village and a story ... And Tinos can be found in about 60 villages which means that if you want to turn the island of Porto to the Wool and Isternia until Livada you should have enough time and good car! Places to go? Depending what you want ... In Ysternia even now come with all the yachts owners known to eat the local cuisine at Thalassaki, the Tower except for the house museum of Aleppo, would go to the tree in the central square and galaktoboureko Greek coffee. For exploration and deserted beach at Panormos Holy Sea and if you have the whole day in front of you, we arrived until the Koumelo ... If you do not want so long, you'll find the edge Kalivia asking Marcus to drink the famous Kalyvada the way back and then stop and eat Ktikado watching from high above the Aegean ... On one side, because Tinos has many mountains have unique areas for ... sightseeing! From the Close and Falatado or on the road to Santa Margarita or Livada or in Triantaros (who knew the house was building Liagas). If I want to stay in town, will go to fennel or St. Mark windy, you eat in between us if you want to hear stories from hunting by Dimitris trusses or if you want to hear stories about women hunting ... by Joseph!


tinos vasiki

Well my friend would say ... Ok ... I'll eat (yg. louza, froutalia and beans) will bathe, drink and be our good ... but the evening? Ha (Laughing satisfaction) ... After you watch the sunset and forget Kardiani Santorini (Tinos exaggeration but ok ...) will descend on the town ...

tinos beach

The night life in Tinos Beach starts with coffee and then continued to the famous streets in six shops in the city that hold up in the morning for all tastes, with prices in Athens and you will not find the shots to flow ... abundantly!