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Kythira is a place to stay for at least one week and enjoy your holidays in a relaxing mode


On the streets of Kythira, namely the path that goes from the town, to the Kaladi, for many the best beach on the island, may not be alone. At least one person, whether friend or woman should sit in the passenger seat, because if anything happens you will not have to go for help. The desert area between the villages is so intense, you think you're the Walter White in Breaking Bad, and look to cook "meth" in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But unlike the hopeless xeraila Texas, Kythira know that we go to sea. And if you see the beaches of Kythira, even from the nearby harbor, where you catch the ferry from Naples (to which attention, get asfyxiogono mask because the smell of her bare toes create a lethal cocktail), we see that somewhere between the Ionian Sea, Aegean and the Mediterranean, water color and borrow from three sides. You must go to Kythera with your buddies. There is nightlife and drunk in the streets of the country, although there are bars that are calm but, like the island breeze.

If you are in honey, or if you are 2-3 pairs, then Kythira is the island you. Filio is a grandmother, who makes only home made food, Kalamos, a local pasta, one with nuts dako Kythira sure you have not eaten elsewhere and a list in one visit does not cover, so it is standard that you will return. Best beaches are Kaladi, Komponada, Firi Sand. Three beaches, fighting for what has the cleanest waters. At first you have to descend 120 stairs (particularly to go up), the second will surely find a spot to see not a man, as it is vast and empty, and the third the red sand that shows the name, is an extra asset. Michael in Mitata is a restaurant overlooking a vast plain dish, as there that catches your eye. Next you check you will be a church, and misodialymeni ought to know it's an earthquake, since this village, the locals say, suffers the greatest damage when dancing Enceladus. Do ptoitheis. Would fall well abraded.


kapsali kythira

The Espresso bar, Kamari in picturesque and full of trees Mylopotamos. We go there to see the Waterfall "murderess", but when you drink coffee with friends 6-7 ducks near a small creek, you'll understand why in the shop, is hung 5 degrees and awards for the bartender. I confess that I do not remember his name and I can not locate it, but as you descend the only alley in Chora, on the right you will see an arch and a shop with awesome homemade desserts. Portokalopita and double chocolate cheesecake are among the first choices. Sit anyway.

Kythira water falls

The paintings, shortly before entering the country, is place to stay. One minute from the country, five minutes from beverages in your Kapsali (I stayed repressed, a bar, half a pinch, on a bend in the road, literally), while solitary not to bother anyone in (or bother you, other ). Phoebus is there to tell from where to swim, to buy you drinks until you can fix the door, if you get stuck. Skandia just before Avlemona for fresh fish, seafood and if you get in the pocket, lobster, Sotiris Avlemona into the sea in front and on the same menu and generally to Cythera, and you feel like you eat very well. Do not leave the island, although not fill bags with nuts and of course if you do not get honey. Specifically, in Mitata in Milk Honey, you'll find one that makes award-winning producer of honey in the basement of his home. If you are lucky, as in my case, you will see live the honeycomb and will try them as well. Nectar of gods. It can be made and these holidays in Kythira, do not know.