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Castle of Monemvasia located at the Island of Monemvasia

Castle of Monemvasia

The Byzantine castle of Monemvasia, the "stone boat" Ritsos, stands patiently at the southeastern tip of Laconia land, taking guests on a dreamy journey through time and history. Castles and walls, old houses, narrow cobbled streets, churches, old low arches, arches, coats of arms, imperial marble thrones, Byzantine images give the impression of an imaginary city, not touched by the passage of time. Monemvasia is known as the "Gibraltar of the East", the "Ypernefeles Castle" of the molecule, the "Celebrated Asti" Emperor Andronicus II, the "City Theosostos" Palaiologan Mystras, the 'Menexes call upon "(Castle of Flowers - Fortress of flowers) of the Turks, the "Flower of Monemvasia," the "Anthomyristi Castle City" of the South. A small island joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, a bridge that coexists with the watery element Myrtoou Sea. Entering the rock the only entrance - "only orders' from where the name of the town Monemvasia - begins the journey into the past, from the 6th century, inhabited until today. Entering the city left the house of Monemvasitou poet Yannis Ritsos Hellenism. Then, the main road to the Byzantine path, the path of market leading in Central Square with the old cannon and Elkomenos Church of Christ. Opposite the historic Grade II listed 16th century building (mosque) which houses the Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia.


From here branch roads to all the corners of the castle. Such beautiful corners are everywhere. After an uphill 15 minutes, the visitor arrives in the upper city, the "Goula" as it is called, but the view was definitely relaxing. At the foot of the lower city, the walls and the sea, playing the eternal game of the castle, while a little above is the church of Hagia Sophia built on the edge of a steep cliff. In the Castle there are 40 churches, including Our Lady of Chrysaphitissa of Myrtidiotissa Mary, Our Lady of Crete, St. Nicholas, St. Stephen, St. Paul, St. Anne, and the silversmith laboratory and museum. Within castletown not coaches. Best solution is to park in New City and the transition to the Castle with the available bus. Parking to the gate of the castle is very dykoli and you should avoid. Are there places where parking is prohibited, and drivers will be extra careful. Experience the magic and you experience the virtual tour - This 360-degree virtual tours high resolution in one of the most popular attractions in the area.