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Lihadonisia that few are aware of the Seychelles Greece


In the northern Gulf of Evia, between Mount Wilson and in Evia, is a cluster of islands, which the locals call Seychelles. Lihadonisia, a cluster of small islands, which emerged after a large earthquake thousands of years ago. The oldest inhabited years, but today is uninhabited and are protected ecological areas. The islands are an excellent destination for day excursions and explorations. The largest of these islands is the Round and magnolias, a little smaller Little Round, Steno, Vayia and some even smaller called Pontikoniso. In one of the islands the beach is organized and offers all the essentials. In another have found the remains of an ancient settlement, and a third church where there have been weddings and christenings. The bottom Lihada and Lichadonisia is extremely rich and there are several old shipwrecks that stir the interest of divers. Day routes by boat from the port of Agios Georgios North Evia and the Mount Wilson. Euboea access if you do not have your own boat is the boat "I saw it all" from Kavos. This boat taxi that brings you free and pay in return ... 5 euros per person (2.5 euros for children). The route is 10.5 minutes and will leave you in the Round. It is the island with the beach! Umbrellas and sunbeds are FREE, no food from seafood to kebabs and of course coffee and drink! The beach is sandy and the whole image can swim to a small island you do a little bit of exotic destination! To drive to the Cape the distance is 30Km from Evia! The route is beautiful and the more part of the near sea between the lush forest. For some years a cute family of seals has been chosen as a permanent resident of a small Lichadonisia. These massive mammals but very likeable, no tend to spoil the sake of having their friendly intentions observers. Their performances in a defined sea area Lichadonisia are frequent throughout the day and poses for the skilled photographers, particularly impressive.