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The sudden changes and contrasts of the Arcadian landscape, the deep blue sky, green forest earth, t

Arcadian nature

Arcadian nature, colorful and impressive, gives opportunities for relaxation and many activities. Besides the ski sports offered Ostrakina-in ski Mainalou, located next to the complex Ostra-the Arcadian mountains offer hiking rare. The European path E4, which passes by the village Kardara, but the paths of the river Lucius the back of the mountain, are two of the best options for trekking. O Lucius, moreover, like the nearby Alfeios, offered for river activities (rafting, hot-dog, hydrospeed). The Arcadian landscape has water and other natural attractions such as Lake Ladon, the Niagara Parnon, and the beautiful beaches kynouriakes. The fir forest of Mainalou from Abies cephalonica, and the protected park of Parnonas are also areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Stoys foot of Menalon just 7 km far from the Skiing of center "Ostrakina" Settlement in the Upper Kardaras well create paradosiako The band OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites. It has been constructed with respect to the architectural features of paradosiakouoikismou and consists of five luxurious self-catering accommodation. We used the stone perimeter walls, wood for the lofts and roofs, traditional wooden frames and floors or xylosanides petroplakes. Each his home is furnished with antique furniture and a fireplace, aftonomi heat, internet, TV doryforiki, tzakoyzi. All cottages have fully equipped kitchens and spectacular views echoyn To the elatodasos of Menalon.